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what happens after the world “ends”

After an exhausting night, the shock, grief and sadness proclaimed itself around the world like we were all citizens of the United States of America. Me and many others were sleep deprived trying to understand what was going on. The 2016 election season will be remembered as one of the most stressful political events of the last couple of years. From equal rights, to the language of hate, those are the two sides of the same coin in America. We are living in unstable and emotional days. We don’t know what’s going to happen but what we can do is to continue to defend our rights as citizens of the world. There’s no politician that can take away our values, rights and identity because in the end, people will protect what’s most important. Life will go on and so do we.

Live from reality

What do you want me to say?! … People keep holding on to their souls like they couldn’t preach another word tomorrow. We feel fear. It’s on the back of our heads. We cry because the pain is mutual. Grief paints itself with different faces. And in the middle of this there’s always a vague question: how the hell did we get here? How did we allow weapons to have more power than words. How did we decide not to trust someone who’s different than us. How did we discriminate others from the outside. How… People are sad. Tired. Fed up. Crossing their fingers that nothing bad happens. Generations before us gave their lives to fight for our freedom. But nowadays we live a new type of war. A war that has no boundaries, teams or sides. It’s a complex mix between misunderstandings, violence and discrimination. Luck. That small factor that plays a big important part in our daily lives. That thing that keeps your heart overwhelmed by admitting “I was lucky not to be …


We don’t want to choose a team, a nationality, a religion to defend our rights. We share cartoons online to show solidarity, we share the news as fast as we can, we make sure that our loved ones are safe and sound. Rage can take the most unexpected shapes nowadays: it can show in inappropriate comments, violent behavior, pure discrimination acts. People are hurt. People are suffering. People are paying the price of political decisions. People don’t want a war. People beg for peace. Peace cannot be achieved with weapons. It´s not just terrorism, police brutality or the dissimilarity between genders. It’s hate. We must ask the ones who protect us why is this still happening. We will always stand against fear and violence. We are tired to play the victim role. This song was released 20 years ago on this exact date and it has never been more accurate. In case you’ve misinterpreted the lyrics, here’s an explanation by the Kind of Pop: “The idea that these lyrics could be deemed objectionable is extremely …


We’re facing one of the biggest challenges since WWII, millions of refugees are arriving in Europe every single day. It’s our duty as civilians to act and help them reconstruct their new lives. To fully understand why there’s a refugee crisis I recommend this article from Buzzfeed. In case you’re wondering how you can help, here are some recommendations and actions you can take part of. Solidarity is the most important value in any kind of society and there shouldn’t be borders, bureaucracy or politics when helping one another. Here are some photos of today’s arrival in Germany. The joy is glorious. Now is the time for the European Union to welcome a new generation of hope. Save


we’re still living hard times nowadays: fighting the same ancient battles, ignoring sometimes what’s clear and meets the eye… this shouldn’t be considered normal. We have lots of people to help around this world, we have a duty as human-beings to help others, we must fight against slavery, abuse, exploitation and many other crimes committed against freedom. From the first human breath we are all free. There’s no price for our freedom. I invite you to meet Love146. Many institutions, like this one, fight every day to make our world a more human place. Don’t pay attention to any kind of hate message against people who are “different”. Every single one of us is different. “Normal” is a very dangerous word to use.