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Where I’ve been

Between travelling and working, I’m still here. Thriving, trying to make something happen for my future. Being the creative business can be overwhelming. Sharing my work online can be quite challenging… promoting myself always felt a bit weird to me. Because I don’t own a specific skill, I work with what I’ve got: it can be in acting, writing, comedy, the list can go on and still these titles only limit a job description that doesn’t exist in the traditional market. I’m happy with my path so far and I will continue to create opportunities for myself. Hope you do too. Cheers

2018: 1 sec daily

Exactly one year ago I started recording a one second video almost every single day. This is the final result. 2019 will bring new challenges and more opportunities than ever. Let’s continue this journey. Happy new year everyone!

In retrospective

First and foremost, hi. I don’t know why, but every time I publish a blog-post it feels like I’m writing a letter to somebody distant. That being said: Yes, I know. It has been a long time since I published something. Even though I’ve been away from publishing some of my work, I just want to leave a positive note: I’ve been busy, not only working but also, scheduling future projects. You can follow me on twitter or instagram to have updates of upcoming gigs or projects I’m involved in. Without further ado, Thank you.  

Out of my comfort zone

I just got off the phone with my cousin who I haven’t spoken in two years. The conversation we had reminded me why I left my home-country. And also why we don’t talk much. You see, we have different goals in life. I’ve been working abroad over the past few years and facing new challenges almost every single day. My cousin never lived outside his village. He keeps telling me to “come home”, “find a job here”, “stay here”. To be honest, these words don’t warm my heart. I tried so many times to explain to him that the world outside is so much more than stereotypes, monuments and sunny spots. The world has so much more to offer: home sickness, uncomfortable places and a learning process about who you are. Through all these years I haven’t found a place where I would make myself a home so instead of chasing it, I’ve started to move around. I decided to live with other people, to share stories, to open myself to new possibilities and realize …

Immigration symptoms and its antidotes

We all start somewhere. Even after you’re born and you grow older, we all have new beginnings. When it comes to living somewhere new, I learned how to detect certain diseases/feelings/symptoms that were new to me at the time. So here’s some of them: The issue: Isolation The cure: Feeling 100% isolated can be really stressful. Especially if you don’t speak the language or you don’t feel identified with the culture. The first step to combat isolation is to go out. Explore for yourself, enjoy walking and the moments you create along the way. After you discover some places you like, I recommend trying an app called Meetup. Over there you can find different groups with common interests. Join the ones you like. It’s free. Meet people, hear their stories and also, share your struggles. Fighting isolation is not as difficult as it seems to be but I confess it can be a constant struggle (especially when people you meet are also moving somewhere else and so on). I can also recommend the couchsurfing platform. …