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The Cinema is (always) changing

The art of storytelling can be reached through the medium of a movie, a short-film or even a simple video. Although not all content out there is worthwhile our time. We tend to forget that movies can influence not only the people, but the cultural identity of a nation. As a creative person I noticed over the years the more I studied about films and worked within independent productions, I learned that the goals of a movie can be very different according to its target market. That being said, we, the audience, shouldn’t be naive to what filmmaking really is in the modern world: it’s a business format. The innocent proof of this statement can be found only today: thanks to the internet we can choose what to watch and where. But still most blockbuster movies are made by major studios in America, but things are (always) changing (according to where the production value is). I decided to share with you two explanatory videos on how commercial movies are changing and also an example of …

The heartbreak diet plan

I don’t usually use this platform to express these kind of private matters but I think this one is a good “sharing-experience tip”. Once again we live through a great history of disappointments, failed relationships, foolish behavior, things we’ve all experienced in our lifetime. We know what it is: we have tons of tunes about it, we cry at romantic comedies (sometimes not the good ones) and we can read it in almost every magazine, book or newspaper. Heartbreak has always been an emotional plague. In this special case, you may need a proper treatment. It differs from person to person, the recipe to mend a broken heart it’s our own personal cliché. In my case, I’m a massive crier. I cry with almost anything. It’s exhausting sometimes. In the last couple of years I’ve developed a survival plan that may change according to the circumstances. Truth being told the only thing that stopped me from crying anytime, anywhere was the movie genre of Quentin Tarantino. Movies + the soundtracks as well. Why? You might …

Role Models

Inspiration comes and goes in many forms: by sightseeing, by rediscovering something, by surprise, by mesmerizing and observation. In this world we also feel inspired by other people: not only by their work but also but their personality and mentor-ship. Personally, I have a list of people who I consider to inspire me over the years. Their work makes me love my craft and appreciate what comes with it. Of course I will not publish the list entirely here but I will mention some acquaintances of yours I hope: Dame Judi Dench: I will not spend much time explaining who she is; instead, I recommend her books, filmography but mostly if you have the opportunity to see her on stage, go (you already envy me… perhaps in the future I will have that chance). Bill Murray: I can’t really explain why but the figure of Bill Murray has always been there since “Ghostbusters” or “Space Jam”. He’s not only a great comedian but also has a charismatic work in American cinema. Emma Thompson: she has …


there are so many moments in our lifetime when we can appreciate and breathe inspiration. depending on the day or the mood, you choose what to take in and use it to create something new or even simply, inspiration to move on. As an actress there are constant stimulations to create something new and to move from project to project and get involved in new roles. yesterday I had the pleasure of seeing for the first time the new Wes Anderson film “The Grand Budapest Hotel”. Projects and Stories like this one make me believe that inspiration fuels dreams (consequently those dreams become objectives, achievements, accomplishments). The reason I love to act is to be part of something that allows me to grow as an artist/performer (and realizing that I wouldn’t mind at all being part of a Wes Anderson movie).  Spoilers ahead:

Academia Almadense

I have no words to describe what this place means to me. At this movie theater I watched my first film ever and at this theater stage I started to act. Two of my biggest passions were born here. I’m very honored to photograph and visit this place from time to time.