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The Backstage

My favorite place to focus is the backstage. There you can marvel yourself with the most incredible things: costumes, wigs, make-up, scenario, blankets, all sorts of objects and boxes just hangin’ out. They’re usually a part of your production or someone else’s. Those pieces all piled up look like a classy installation of some 70’s artists. Also, what I love about being backstage is: usually it’s the calmest place to rehearse and to experiment. The soundproofing environment or wood shrieks of an old stage can really make you focus on what’s important at that particular moment when you dedicate yourself creating a performance. During rehearsals or even as requested by some friends I take photographs. Usually is to share on social media, other times is just keep them (I feel nowadays we share a lot of things but we don’t keep the important stuff anymore). So here’s a couple of shots I took during theatre plays and other backstage environments:

The purpose of being an artist: a manifesto

We are the unmistakable starving bunch that does not settle for the easiest option. A refugee of its own labor. No money, no “going steady”, no comfort zone. No patience. We don’t do the expected. We don’t do it for fame. We rely on mercilessly discipline to create a method that works on duty. It’s not just about creating something, it’s about connection. It’s what we feel and channel through our perspective to the outside world. We’re able to change passion for glory when the right moment arrives. The power of hard work comes through beating out obstacles. To face our fears and challenge ourselves. To shake our soul. Focus keeps you aware of what you’re made of. We do it for the love of creativity, For the passion of self-expression, To free our voice.

The 8th Bastille Week

I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with some theatre companies along the way. Besides acting, I’ve been taking photos and recording video of some theatre productions. Annually, Bastille Week takes place in London where Exchange Theatre presents their latest work. Exchange Theatre is an international company established in 2006 which produces and translates unknown or rare French-speaking plays. Since then the company has grown into different directions taking new opportunities within theatre workshops, amateur drama classes for French-speaking and also doubling their professional plays (English and French version). These are some of the best photos I took during this week.


The only thing that gets me every time as an artist is when you walk in into your new working space. It can be an old theatre venue or a nowhere stage, it doesn’t matter; by the time you’re wondering around, you start to get used to the backstage, the rehearsals and the usual rhythm of bringing words on paper to life. This is what creativity feels like. Bringing light into a new perspective, connecting with an audience and provoking versatile opinions. It feels like it’s more than art itself. It’s an ultimatum. It’s unique.

The video portrait

my journey for the past few months has been in Germany finishing my education and working as well. This Erasmus experience has been amazing! Right now I’m finishing my graduation to get on board in a new adventure in early January. Chris Klupfel shots different video portrays: I was lucky to be part of one of them: raw, simple and nervous.